Fitbit Semi de Paris – half-marathon

Fitbit Semi de Paris – half-marathon

January 31, 2018

This year I’ll start my running competition season with Fitbit Semi de Paris – half-marathon, which will take place Sunday March 4, 2018.


Impressed by my friend’s stories from previous years – it will be amazing and unforgettable event – excellent organization, very inspiring atmosphere with music and entertainment along the route. That’s why over 40,000 people takes a part every year on the streets of the world’s fashion capital- Paris!

The start and finish area for races will be located in the largest and one of the most beautiful public park in Paris – The Bois de Vincennes next to Chateau Vincennes.


The course lies to the direction Paris center along both sides of the river Le Seine, reaching place de La Bastille, followings passing by historical government complex building Hotel de Ville, cathedral Notre Dame and others beautiful places in Paris. The Fitbit Semi de Paris is run on relatively flat terrain, which means that anyone can take part and probably achieve your personal best half-marathon time running against a clock.

I am not a professional runner, I run for myself. It’s my freedom and my joy. Run is my hopes and my dreams. The more often and longer distance I take, the more often my body wants to do run again and again.  Yes, running is my best addiction, it’s time I spend with myself, run is my meditation, when I put in order my mind and gain new inspiration and energy for every day job. Also it is a great time to spend with my family, friends and others runner enthusiasts.


This year I will have 5th running season with 7th half-marathon on my list of the competitions. So far my bets half-marathon time is 1h 39 minutes that I am planning to beat doing one of the most spectacular half-marathon in Europe Fitbit Semi de Paris.


Daily I don’t spend long time for training to run, I don’t have enough time for it as I would like, it’s not more than 3 times in week for 10-12 km. Before race it is 4 times in week, but not more. Additionally I’m training in a gym to keep my muscles fit.  For sure, with every next race everybody dreaming for personal best time, but then to do this, you need little bit more trainings accordingly to certain training plan, which include exercise with temp run, intervals, accelerations and long distances. I have had great running workout experience with professional coach, who helped me to reach my personal best time in half-marathon. Being honest, I prefer race pace, which can give me chance enjoy atmosphere, city views and reach finish line with gorgeous smile and passion to take next race registration! Race is always about yourself and your dreams to reach.


If you want to do half-marathon under 2h, you also need to follow your running activities and eating habits. Food is one of the most important element and half from victory, which giving opportunity to do it much easier. Very important for runners is the power they get  having the best nutrition before race and hydration during the race.

Entire February, I will post in my Instagram account @explore_healthy_food_ necessary food for runners: which contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats for better results and feelings in race and after it. You although will find recommendations for healthy snacks.

See you in Fitbit Semi de Paris – half-marathon, which will take place Sunday March 4, 2018.


Follow my dishes, eat wise and healthy and be happy runner!!

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