A woman who loves life and knows what she wants! Everything that has happened in my life was necessary in order to create a person that I am today!



I spend almost every day working in a consultation company and raising two amazing daughters. I spend most of my free time doing various physical activities – I am a half marathon runner. I run for myself  – that is my freedom and my happiness, my hopes and my dreams.

advocate a healthy lifestyle, and that can’t be possible without a healthy diet. Cooking is my passion – I cook for my family every day, and doing so I think about a healthy and balanced diet. I don’t spend hours in the kitchen, I prefer meals that are simple and can be cooked quickly, consisting of fresh, high quality ingredients that provide energy, as well as make you feel and look good. You are what you eat.

Another thing that’s important to me is the type of food my children receive – is it healthy and well balanced. I urge them to discover and acquire new tastes and to not be afraid of trying something new!

I like having friends over, laying a beautiful table and preparing delicious meals in order to spend time together in enjoyable conversations.

At the same time I like dining in restaurants and enjoying the moment when the food is served to me. Every time I travel I discover new places and great restaurants….



Spending time with my family and friends, traveling, discovering wonderful new places, hotels, restaurants and people – all those things inspire me. In my free time I also love reading books, watching theatre plays, attending fashion and art exhibitions. I’m interested in fashion, beautiful items people who complement them – as well as people who value a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful way of life – people who share their experiences in blogs and in their instagram accounts.

I created this blog because I want to share my recipes that are so very simple and might inspire you to cook for you and your family. Let a healthy lifestyle be your way of life!


Eat healthy and be happy!