My cooking and eating habits

Due to the fact that I live in Latvia, which is located in Northern Europe, my eating habits and culture are appropriate to the tendencies of the seasons. I am not vegan or vegetarian, I eat almost everything, my meals mostly consist of fresh vegetables, root vegetables, whole wheats, fish and sometimes meat.

I choose ingredients that are locally grown as often as possible, because then I know where they come from, if possible, I choose bio-ingredients. I usually buy fresh produce in the market – salad, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.

I’m happy that I am able to use vegetables that are grown in my parents garden – cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, berries and apples.


My everyday cooking habits depend on the weather of the seasons – in the summer they are mostly smoothies, salads, fresh soups, and vegetables with fresh seafood. In the cold seasons of Fall and Winter – I cook broths with meat and herb stews – that is an important meal in the diet of my children – warm and healthy food every day.

As for bread – I bake my own from rye, buckwheat or oat flour with natural yeast or seed bread which does not contain any wheat flour.

I can’t imagine my cooking without including herbs, they are always in my kitchen and I use them a lot, my favorites include – thyme, rosemary, basil, coriander, dill, lovage.

My top seasonings – cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, chili, nutmeg.

I gladly add ginger, garlic and onions to my meals.

I have found out that it’s a lot healthier to cook by adding some plant-based products – coconut cream and milk, coconut oil, cashews, I also include dairy products, but I use those a lot less by comparison. In my cooking I use golden or ghee butter.

To sweeten my meals I use agave syrup, maple syrup and brown sugar – I don’t use white sugar almost at all.

I rarely use wheat flour, but I substitute it with oat, buckwheat, rye, and corn flour. To make desserts I mostly use almond flour. From carbohydrates I usually use – brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat or corn pasta and yams.

I can’t imagine my cooking without superfoods – chia, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds and pecans, goji berries, etc.

I rarely use meat, I mostly cook steak, lamb and rabbit for soups and stews, and chicken. I prefer fish and seafood.

Over the years I’ve created a huge list of recipes, which I have thought of myself. In my recipes you will be able to acquire new ideas for breakfast, during which I usually cook porridges, pancakes, and omelettes, as well as ideas for salads combined with chicken, for seafood, soups, stews, grilled foods, raw cakes and smoothies. All of my recipes I have cooked for my family and they are tried and tested, of course, there is no one way to cook something, you have to improvise and cook using your favorite ingredients, spices and herbs.

I acquire ideas just by looking at the photo and then coming up with my own ingredients.

Of course, for quick and comfortable cooking, a well equipped kitchen is a must – with an appropriate electric equipment, dishes for baking and steaming, blending and also beautiful tableware and utensils for serving.

Get inspired from my photos and make your life more beautiful!

Oh, yes, and how can you enjoy a great meal without good wine!